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One on One

CF Home

Addictions Counseling

Jesus told us to make disciples, so that's what we do! One-on-one discipleship is a twelve month program that helps new believers learn the basic principles of the faith. This program is simple: you meet one on one with a mentor once a week. This mentor has been trained to help you develop and learn the principles needed to live life with Jesus. If you would like to get connected with a one-on-one mentor, please go to the contact page and send us and email. We would love to get you started in the program!

CF Home is our way of helping people get involved in the church during the week. CF Home consists of multiple small groups throughout our region that meet one night a week in a member's house for about an hour. These groups are hosted and led by members of the church. The content in these groups often goes along with the content from the Sunday services but not always. These groups are designed to help you grow with people. If you would like more information on one of these small groups please go to the contacts page and send us and email. We will contact you directly with more information.

We provide both individual and group therapy services for those battling addiction. These can include, but are not limited to: substance abuse (drugs and/or alcohol), eating disorders, gambling, sexual addictions, co-dependancy, and more. Services are provided by a Masters level addictions counselor.

Adult Sunday School

Advanced Discipleship 

CF Youth

Adult Sunday School is held at 9:00 every Sunday morning before service here at CF Knightstown. It's a great way to grow in your faith. Come and join Kurt Solomon, a founding member of CF Knightstown, and his class as they explore the God's word!

Advanced Discipleship is a three year training course taught by multiple teaches, focusing on biblical knowledge and practical Christian ministry. These course range form old and new testament survey to church history and are taught at a college level. The goal is to create disciples that are both competent in their application of scripture and their practice of faith. 

Every Monday at 7:00 pm, Hannah Cordle and Seth Cordle lead the youth group at CF Knightstown. The goal is to create an environment in which young people can connect to God and one another. All young people from sixth grade to seniors in high school are welcome!

Ready to move to the next level with God? We are here to help! Go to the contacts page and send us an email.